The Afternoon Report:

The motion of our solar system is slowing,
pulling power from the bodies that still have love
for each other. It is time to attach the homemade
electric helmet. The earth just rolls upon itself.
What else can it do? Our world now could
be viewed as mostly tape and wires. Perhaps
there is not a living thing here. Look up!
Do Sun exercises in the Sun. Moon exercises
in the Moon. Check your eyes by taking
hold of the lashes and pull up slightly
to the left. Can you feel the percolation
of water inside? Listen. It is almost time
to drink. Soaked by sudden cold, FOOT
could hear the dripping blood inside
of what is essentially a falling away of body
from spirit here in early Autumn,
icicles hanging from Yak fur. I forgot
what to do with the stars. Why
do you have such a low paying job?
Time Crushing Breakage is looking
for someone to pay for all this ruin
once we finally have the entire
world to ourselves alone.

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