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Swimming Paddle. Patent number: 373692 Issue date: Nov 1887

Very little additional floating power will in the sea preserve the body from entire submergence. Life-preservers, if properly applied, are valuable safeguards; but in many instances under the excitement of leaving a sinking or burning vessel the preserver is applied too low down upon the body, and the result is that upon a person throwing himself into the water the lower limbs are lifted into the air and the head is submerged, thus making a case of involuntary suicide; but with a pair of paddles in the hands and attention given to the use of the same the case is different, as the person will then rely upon his or her own efforts to remain afloat until rescue can be made. The necessary exertion to sustain the body diverts go the mind from much of the horror of the situation, and is thus a boon to the user.

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