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Saucer Shaped Aircraft. Patent number: 2801058 Issue date: Jul, 30, 1957

“The flying saucer described in this invention is not a thing in the realm of phantasy but a very practical aircraft obeying approved aerodynamic principles. Its mode of operation permits it to remain indefinitely in the air and as long as its prime-mover is supplied with fuel. It can hover over the ground at any height from 5 to 50,000 feet and more. It can move transversely under the control of a navigator and crew. It can carry passengers.

The saucer-shaped aircraft described in this invention can find utilization in commercial transportation such as air- travel, transcontinental and transoceanic passenger service, commuter transport, mail transport and delivery and bus service for cities and towns. It is extremely useful for private plane operation.

The flying saucer described in this invention can attain tremendous speeds and its manuverability is enormous. It can rise vertically instantaneously and travel at supersonic speeds. But it can also fly at extremely low speeds and if necessary it can land and take off vertically at a passenger elevator speed or even less.

The flying saucer is safe and easy to operate. In case of motor failure, it will safely land by means of its circular wing the latter serving as a landing parachute.”

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