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Sewing Machine Treadle. Patent number: 214266 Issue date: Apr 15, 1879

“For the past twenty-five years we have been investigating the physical and mental laws of health-culture and life forces, the causes of diseased humanity, and the remedies, and for the past ten years have been careful observers of the many evils resulting from operating on sewing-machines. In that time we have noted between four and five hundred cases. Many of those cases referred to have become permanently diseased, and surfer untold tortures. Others have died without knowing or even conceiving the cause of their troubles. We have seen some cases where the operator became partially insane, and others wholly so. Some are fretful, cross, self-willed, and stubborn—others guilty of such extreme recklessness as to prove insanity. We do not find one case where the health of the operator remains good, and where the functions of the body are undisturbed after operating a short time on any sewing machine. Six mouths generally develop alarming symptoms.”

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