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Mark Wallace on “Transmissions from the Institute”

Transmissions From the Institute - Cover

C.E. Putnam’s Transmissions from the Institute is worth reading for its lunatic-fabulous introduction alone, as the echo-chamber scientist descends to an old bank vault beneath his apartment and sets up what he needs to listen to the strange emanations of the forgotten history of its ghostly occupants. The poems that follow are pure Putnam: subtle and sad, or whimsically comical, or just goofy, with his B-culture obsession floating whisperingly in time and space. They’re best read perhaps as ambient noise layers cohering and in-cohering as they pass through hidden underground pipes.

– Mark Wallace

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Seattle Stranger reviews two books: Finely Crafted Multitudes

Stranger Review Dec 5, 2012

Stranger Review Dec 5, 2012

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