Pre-Reading Mixes

PISOR Pre-reading mix

Since 1997, P.I.S.O.R. has been creating custom pre-reading “lobby music” for poetry readings and events. The mixes began in 1998, in Washington D.C. for the In Your Ear reading series at DCAC and followed the Institute to the West Coast for events with Seattle’s Subtext reading series, and special one-of-a-kind events. These sometimes manic mixes/mashups were created at various P.I.S.O.R. studio locations. Many of these recordings (especially the early ones) were mixed in a single take with P.I.S.O.R.’s “Frankenstereo” a mash of tape decks, VCRs, CD players, dj mixer, and three turntables. From 1997-2002, these mixes also served as a backdrop to a pre-reading silent-open mic, where text and images submitted prior to the event were projected via an old-school slide projector. This page will be updated periodically with these mixes.

Subtext Reading-March 7, 2001

Elizabeth Robinson and K T Cutler.
Mix tags: Loons of the lake, Nightmare Castle, self-help tap dancing, turkey and the wildcat, Incredible String Band, Poetry education, pink elephants, Indian pop, CB handle hall of fame, Sly, German beer drinking. Download

Subtext Reading-May 1, 2002

Charles Borkhuis and Jeanne Heuving
Mix tags: 101 strings America, flute jazz, more poetry education, factory sounds, singing cowboys, how to drink film strip, Gregorian chants, steel drum band, Maynard Fergeson Download

Subtext Reading-November 6, 2002

Peter Quartermain and Charles Mudede
Mix tags: Armenian flute, old tyme radio verse play on nuclear energy, sitars, Sarah Vaughn, Cosmic Jokers, Acid Mother’s Temple,, moog, Sounds of the sea, Waylon, Willie vs. Acid Mother’s Temple, Lipton tea, Slab happy. Download