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Celebrating 10 years of PISOR SCARES!!!


It all changed for me in the year 2000. I’d made mixes for years using just a double tape deck / tape recorder and the pause button, splicing in movie sounds / voice work with a selection from my odd and diverse collection of two-thousand plus thrift store lps and cassettes. But in 2000, I had acquired three turntables at local thrift stores and bought a simple two-channel DJ mixer with an additional microphone / phono input. The mixer also allowed me to hook up a CD player, a tape deck, and a VCR/TV-tuner. A line went out to my computer so I could easily record and later edit my three source mixes. “Frankenstereo” was born and selections from these first mixing sessions were later compiled and edited to make PISOR SCARES 2003.

Around this time I also started learning to use various sequencing, sampling, and beat making programs to further cut up, remix, and refine my mixes. As I’m currently located in Singapore and all of my LPs are in storage at a secure facility in Kent, Wa, I’ve been working with MIXXX, as it allows the simultaneous playing of up to six sources and comes closest to my old “Frankenstereo” set up.

Each mix is intended to function like a sonic variety show that follows a set of themes. Loyal listeners will attest that devoting time to listening (lights out with a nice set of headphones perhaps) or with a group of friends at listening party, yields the best results. The mixes unfold in surprising ways, creepy, campy, shocking, and frightening, and I try to pace and order the tracks to maximize these effects. One hundred or more samples from dozens of sources go into making each mix, so a track listing is neither practical or desired (I want the show to be truly surprising). Each mix is thoroughly fear tested! In fact each year my nerves almost reach a breaking point, as I work through and listen and re-listen to these terrifying sounds.

I know the mix is ready when I’ve both thoroughly scared myself AND have had a great time. I hope you enjoy PISOR SCARES 2013 as much as I had in making it. If you’ve missed previous releases, they are all available below, for FREE (stream or download).

PISOR SCARES 2013 is alive

Happy Halloween,

C.E. Putnam

P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2013

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P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2003

The one that started them all (a double trouble double CD). Beach Boys vs. Coffin Joe. Is Elizabeth Taylor the naked witch? Whiskey Mountain! Your true zodiac. Afraid of the Snake Lady? Can you take another flyby? What about that Chicken Heart? Go go go monster go!

Get Disc 1 | Get Disc 2

P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2008

PISOR_SCARES_2008It’s a Mash! Werewolves, Rabid Rat Eating Hippies, Satanic Monks, Giant Ants, Murderous Monkeys, Ad-Men on LSD-25, Mad Scientists, Werewolf Bikers, Bloodthirsty Bunnies, Out of Control Robots & Tony Randall!

Download | Tracklist + more

P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2010


Even the Bride of Frankenstein will tremble with unbridled fear from the horrific sounds contained within this dreadful volume. No expense was spared in bringing you, our valued listener, the most terrifyingly psychotic sounds available: Undead Rock n’ Rollers, Cannibal BBQs, Bigfoot Sex Freaks, Japanese vampires, French zombies, English Acid Folkies, Rat Invasions, Rabid European train conductors, Cosmic Monsters, and much much more. 80mins of total Terror!

Download | Tracklist + more

P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2011

Coming at you at 300 screams per hour.

These 13 tracks represent the ultimate telemetry of terror!

What’s inside: psychic sex witches, the REAL True Blood, stone-HEDGE, Jayne Mansfield’s good night poem, terror farms and toes, mad scientists and the voodoo snake cult, tortured French vampires vs. English acid folkies, out of control reptiles, Rosicrucian sleep training, original party activities for the whole family, flesh eating post-nuclear mutants, Singapore ghost call in show, the dark truth about Halloween, and much much more.

Note: This recording is compliant with Singapore’s Anti-Lycanthropy Act of 1977 and is certified to be 100% werewolf free.

Download | Tracklist + more

P.I.S.O.R. Scares 2012


What’s inside?: Radioactive werewolves! A Vampire circus! Post-Hippie soul transplant in outer space! The probable truth about Jimmy Page! Get hip to this season’s spookiest dance crazes! Team Mitchum! R-r-r-ats! The Devil’s Fruit! Vincent Price’s favorite Swedish folktale! WS Merwin’s & the New Fearcore! Satanic ESP! Hugo the Devil Doll! Team Winters! The Marquis De Skull! Dub Dracula! Berzerk Witch Cakes! and too many other horrors to awful to describe here.

Download | Tracklist + more

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