Music for Plants and Other Living Things

Plants are on and in the earth. When plants are removed from the earth and are planted in pots or “earth simulators,” they are separated from the natural rhythms and vibrations of the earth. The Music for Plants and Other Living Things is intended to simulate this lost soundscape, including:

* The give and take of a “breathing cosmos.”
* The shifting of tectonic plates.
* The low frequency rumble of a brook or river.
* Burrowing of animals and the movement of roots.
* Cosmic Rays and light.

The low frequencies also “feel” good to humans and other living things. Think of it as a soul-sonic massage for the head (with headphones) or body (if you have good speakers and understanding neighbors). The music can be listened to by plants at low volume (place computer speakers nearby).

A special thanks to Natasha Dwyer for inspiring P.I.S.O.R. to take on this project.

About the MP3 format: MP3 compresses and eliminates frequencies that are “un-hearable.” As with most music, what is “un-hearable” does not mean “un-sensible”, and often the “un-hearable” may contain the core energy or spirit of the sound. In order to get the “full-frequency” benefit, the full audio version may be desirable.