P.I.S.O.R Scares 2016


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What Time is it in Space? 4:21
They’re Everywhere 6:00
Life to Death and Death to Life 4:00
Mazes and Monsters 3:04
Hey, Your Ear is Just Like Mine 5:01
Pets or Not Pets, That is the Question 2:36
This is Squidhead 2:12
Did You Teach Him That? 2:37
I Never Considered Going into the Sewer 6:22
Not a Care in the World 3:14
Yes, Ms. Van Helsing 3:56
Hantu Kanibal 4:53
Liz Taylor is Back from the Dead II (and her husband is still a jerk) 3:16
Wait what? Celibate? 1:12
Pincohio’s Surprise Party 5:10
Beware of the Sniff 0:36
The Game 8:04
Try and Go Back to Sleep 3:17