Reading Audio

The Bunny Manuscript – The Switch Reading January 2014 – Portland, Oregon

The Bunny Manuscript

The Bunny Manuscript

Reading from Book I (WOW City) and Book II (Village by the Field Where it was Before) of the Bunny Manuscript. Introductory remarks by Allison Cobb.

Run time: 31:39.

The Bunny Manuscript – Pilot Books Reading May 2, 2010

The Bunny Manuscript

For this reading event. I prepared a backing sound environment, featuring nature sounds, static, drones, bees, and some old movie snippets. This recording is my prep-track to get the audio and reading synch ready for live performance. Note: The character FOOT is played by a six-foot tall white radish.

Run time: 22:54.


Things Keep Happening – Subtext Reading September 2003

Things Keep Happening chapbook launch reading at the Subtext Reading Series, Seattle, Wa. Introductory remarks by Daniel Comiskey.