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COTTON-BOLL-WEEVIL DESTROYER Patent number: 847887 Filing date: Feb 28, 1808 Issue date: Mar 19, 1907

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BABY PATTING MACHINE Patent number: 3552388 Issue date: Jan 5, 1971

This invention relates generally to nursery equipment.

It is generally well-known to most parents of small infants and children that it is sometimes difficult for the infant to fall asleep, and the parent must resort to patting the baby to sleep by repeated pats upon the hind parts thereof. This can be a time consuming operation particularly when the infant is restless and not likely to fall asleep easily, and it is particularly objectionable to the parent when this takes place during the night, thereby disturbing the parent’s own sleep. This situation is accordingly in want of improvement.

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Easter Rabbit – Patent number: 991804 Issue date: May 9, 1911

My invention, in its generic nature, comprises a mechanical means arranged for being readily supported within an image, preferably that of a rabbit, which includes a receptacle for receiving balls or cubes of like shape and size, a receiver and delivery member, which may be, and preferably is, in practice, represented as the mouth of a rabbit or chicken, lever operated means for shifting the “eggs,” to lift the bulk to discharge the eggs one at a time through the delivery member automatic devices for sustaining the bulk in the delivery end and for feeding additional “eggs” in position when the lever is actuated, the said lever in the showing made being a representation of the tail of a rabbit or chicken, the whole having such appearance and being so constructed that a child, in pressing down the tail of the object, causes the ” eggs” to feed from the mouth of the object, the receptacle being so positioned, that additional “eggs” can be easily slipped into the said receptacle to re-supply the discharging means.

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Unruly personnel, e.g. rioters, are subjected to continuous low intensity illumination of one part of the visible spectrum, which is sufficient for identification purposes, simultaneously with flashes of high intensity light of a different part of the visible spectrum, the latter is sufficient to blind the eye temporarily to the low intensity illumination and cause movements to appear confused and chaotic in the flashing high intensity illumination, whereby the activity of the crowd is inhibited or arrested. Police equipped with goggles, which are transparent to the continuous low intensity illumination but opaque to the flashing high intensity illumination, can see adequately under such conditions to remove individual agitators.

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LED dazzler shield Issued patent: US7980720 (Issue date Jul 19, 2011)

A shield produces a “dazzling” effect: disorientation and temporary and fully reversible blindness in subjects for the purpose of threat deterrence. The apparatus is comprised of a plurality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) capable of intense illumination. Light emitted by each LED is further pulsed and focused by reflective optics to produce a dazzling effect. The shield further provides ballistic protection, chemical or electrical crowd control functionality, safety-glass breaking capability, optically propagated communications and an arm strap to further secure the shield.

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ENVIRONMENTAL CHAIR Patent number: 3762767 Issue date: 1973

In this day and age of road race life style, one seldom has the opportunity for total withdrawal and introspection. Often the home is filled with distracting influences which inhibit one seeking to reflect inwardly and thereby relax. This invention is directed to a new concept in controlled environment furniture wherein a user may seek refuge from his normal surroundings and adjust the conditions within the chair to suit his personal psychological needs. It is an advantage according to this invention that one or more persons may sit back in an environmental chair semi-secluded from their surroundings and fix the lighting and sound conditions within the chair to provide almost instant psychological refreshment. It is yet another advantage according to this invention that the chair may function as a speaker cabinet for the entire room within which the chair is positioned. It is yet another advantage that the chair is adapted to modular construction. Still further, the chair may be easily assembled and disassembled for moving from place to place.

Preferably, reading lights are provided above the shoulders of the occupant. Still further, it is preferred that mood lights are provided in the ceiling of the chair.

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IMPROVEMENT IN APPARATUS FOR BATHING Patent number: 211874 Issue date: Feb 4, 1879

This invention relates to that class of processes and apparatus for bathing by means of a shower, stream, or douche bath, and has for its object to furnish a continuous shower, stream, or douche bath for any desired length of time with the same liquid, and without addition, waste, or loss of liquid, said shower, stream, or douche to be under the positive and instantaneous control of the bather as to quantity, force, direction, and duration, said, bath to have economical, cleansing, health-restoring, and health-preserving pecularities.

My invention consists in the process (and apparatus for carrying it into effect) of bathing by means of a continuous or slightly intermitting circuit of the same bathing-liquid, which, in each of its revolutions, is discharged upon the bather in either a shower, stream, or douche, as desired.

Heretofore, when shower, stream, or douche baths have been employed, the liquid after leaving the bather has not been again used; but the supply to continue the bath has been kept up by additional liquid. Therefore, a distinguishing feature of my process is that the liquid is used over and over during the bath.

Another peculiarity of my process resulting from this feature is that when hot liquid is used it gradually but rapidly cools during the bath; also, when cold liquid is used, it gradually but rapidly rises in temperature during the bath, as will be more fully set forth hereinafter.

The small amount of liquid required to produce a long-continued shower, stream, or douche bath constitutes another distinguishing feature of my process.

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Game Application number: 10/001,799 Publication number: US 2002/0121740 Issued patent: 6565090 (Issue date May 20, 2003)

[0001] This application claims benefit of U.S. provisional application No. 60/251,009, filed Dec. 5, 2000.

[0002] THIS INVENTION relates to a game and game apparatus. It relates n particular to a board game and apparatus therefor.

[0003] According to a first aspect of the invention there is provided a game which includes

[0004] means for establishing the nature of at least one pre-defined disaster to be prevented by players of the game; and

[0005] means obtainable by or accessible to said players, for preventing said disaster from occurring.

[0006] The disaster may be a disaster capable of threatening life on a selected planted, e.g. the Earth. Typically, the disaster is a disaster capable of threatening human civilization as it is presently known on Earth. The disaster may be real or imagined. For example, the disaster may be selected from the group consisting of nuclear war, asteroid collision, volcano eruption, global warming, and alien invasion.

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In the area of parlor games and particularly business related parlor games, many attempts have been made to simulate actual business conditions and practices. While such simulations in game form have met with varying degrees of success, they have also had a common defect, namely, all the players play by the same set of rules. This approach has limited the ability to simulate actual business conditions since in real life the “players” operate under differing rules of conduct.

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JULY 25, 1973

I looked in the direction that Tina and the Gorilla had taken.

I like this naked mess—will be mine for the rest of the day
inverting pencils to lift out a news agency and write some letters.
You are scuffing your way back to me now that you are a shell.

To consider the contrary, I could pat myself on the fanny.

But I had the longer legs. Dan is safe and is instituting a crash
program in case you crash. They probably will let in the new guy,
Famous Comedian Bob Hope, best selling authors, glue starlets,
and troops to be entertained by them.

We passionately embraced the affair of the frozen casserole.

The ghost intended to keep our romance going
without a body. I caressed the area near the cherub
and the swan, our rendezvous spot.

Potatoes widened with shock.

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