Transmissions from the Institute

By C.E. Putnam
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In 1999, the author moved into an old apartment building in Seattle, Washington that once served as a bank during the Alaskan Gold Rush. Soon he began to hear strange sounds and voices coming out of mysterious pipes in the subterranean bank vault. Though he never discovered the true source of these sounds, he was able to record and transcribe them through some D.I.Y. electronic wizardry. He then wrote and recorded transmission responses of his own, sending them back out into the world. This book is a written record of these response transmissions.

Transmissions From the Institute - Cover Spread

Transmissions from the Institute - Cover Spread

5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm) | Black & White on Cream paper | 132 pages | Publication Date: September 22, 2012

“C.E. Putnam’s Transmissions from the Institute is worth reading for its lunatic-fabulous introduction alone, as the echo-chamber scientist descends to an old bank vault beneath his apartment and sets up what he needs to listen to the strange emanations of the forgotten history of its ghostly occupants. The poems that follow are pure Putnam: subtle and sad, or whimsically comical, or just goofy, with his B-culture obsession floating whisperingly in time and space. They’re best read perhaps as ambient noise layers cohering and in-cohering as they pass through hidden underground pipes.”
– Mark Wallace


(76:54) you sentence prescriptions (76:51) as Norma explained scratching on our door all night (76:70) the wrong warm (76:33) fresh sweet cream creates comfort (76:42) Monty’s tomorrow garden tomatoes (76:29) plucked a drunken millipede from the well (76:13) this is our little shack (76:54) I draw you to me (76:28) I have an easy job (76:3) hiding inside myself (76:81) only Clark muscles can pull this thumb from your mouth (76:8) ever frustration (76:12) dancing and crushing up pills (76:26) champagne bare this (76:29) you smashers of wood smash wood (76:47) smash you wood (76:31) smash you

Transmission 86

Transmission 87