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Poetry Project Newsletter Review of Crawlspace

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From Open Books “the goods” December 2007

Crawlspace: A Poem by Daniel Comiskey & C.E. Putnam ($14 P.I.S.O.R.) What is it? It’s a book with a 3-D cover and it comes with a CD and 3-D glasses to cause the cover images to float above their background. And so do the poems, float above the planes of logic and narrative, that is. In the poem “Science Fair Dropout” we learn “Your life / is a private club / with unlimited / privileges that you have / joined — for life.” And also that “it’s impossible / to resist the plasma ball.” The delight is in the language. It all makes a fractured, approximate sense, like overhearing countless earnest conversations at once. “The Monkey said hello to the Pig, and the Pig said / ‘I don’t speak Monkey’ in Pig, and then the Monkey said / ‘would you like a bite of my sandwich’ in Monkey.” Indeed, these gentlemen have done something unusual here, in Monkey and in Pig. The CD features the text of the book read by the authors over entertaining patches and blends of movie and TV soundtrack music and ambient sounds. All in all a wonderfully odd, psychedelic sort of outing.

The Stranger-Seattle

Putnam and Comiskey certainly know how to put on a show, and Crawlspace’s accompanying CD, with its dramatic readings interspersed with snippets of songs and sound effects, is great fun. But Nufer’s introductory question—who are we fighting?—remains unanswered. Complete Review>>