Crawlspace: A Poem

Crawlspace book cover (front and back)

7″ x 9″
Black & White on Cream paper
72 Pages
Publication Date: December 2, 2007
Contents include 1 compact disc, and 1 pair of 3-D glasses.

CRAWLSPACE is a collaboratively written book-length poem by Seattle writers Daniel Comiskey & C.E. Putnam, originally commissioned by Doug Nufer for presentation at OseoO Gallery’s Leg to Stand On reading series in 2005.

Over the following two years, the authors worked together to further refine the text, including: the addition of titles, the development of a 3-D book cover image, a biographical statement, as well as recording a reading of the poem for the Crawlspace Audio Companon.

A launch party was held at the historic Jewelbox Theater at the Rendevous in Belltown, Seattle, Washington on December 2, 2007.

The book is packaged with 3-D glasses for viewing the cover as well as a bonus compact disc, the Crawlspace Audio Companion, comprises a reading of the work by the authors, set within an innovative sound collage conceived and produced by C.E. Putnam and featuring the voice of Stanley Shiebert, Librarian in the Arts, Recreation & Literature department of the Seattle Public Library.

The first edition of “Crawlspace” was printed in a limited collector’s edition of 200 copies. Currently unavailable for on-line sales, copies of “Crawlspace” might be found at Open Books: a poem emporium and Pilot Books, in Seattle, WA

About the authors

DANIEL COMISKEY was pretty good at the dodging part in dodge ball, was coeditor of Monkey Puzzle, a magazine of poetry and prose, and worked as literary manager for The Poet’s Theater. His translations of Hu Xudong, produced in collaboration with Chinese scholar Ying Qin, appear in Another Kind of Nation: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry. His work is also included in the Seattle Writers Issue of Golden Handcuffs Review.

Seattle born, C.E. PUTNAM has stopped the Space Needle with his foot. He also maintains P.I.S.O.R. (The Putnam Institute for Space Opera Research. Recent works include: Manic Box (2001); Did you ever hear of a thing like that? (2001); Things Keep Happening (2003); Frolic: Selected Cosmic Sex Earthly Love Poems (1994-2007).

Crawlspace 3-D glasses production

CD and 3-D glasses pre-production

CD and 3-D glasses pre-production