P.I.S.O.R. Publications is proud to announce the publication of the first six books of C.E. Putnam on September 22, 2012. These works were all originally produced between 1994-2003 in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Madison, WI, and Bangkok. In addition to work that has appeared in magazines and micro-edition chapbooks, there are many poems here that have never been in print before. Over the past two years P.I.S.O.R. Publications has been working nearly day and night with the temporarily Singapore based author to edit, revise, update and prepare these books for print. We hope you will enjoy the chance to discover and re-discover the amazing work in this lovingly designed six-book series.

Read more about this project in The Next Big Thing self-interview.

Get all six books for $70 (includes free shipping worldwide).

The Six Book Fun Pack
Get all six books for $70, over 25% off the cover price (including free shipping worldwide).

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